I am Survonna. A Wood Elf and Warden. My native home is Valenwood. I am with the Aldmeri Dominion, which was formed by High Queen Ayrenn. I am curious about most things. I love the woodlands of Valenwood, but find myself traveling throughout the world of Tamriel. I was told I am to tell my stories of adventures. I will do my best. Some things happen on the spur of the moment. Some will lead me into different regions of the world. I will take you along my travels.

I am a hunter by day and an assassin by night. The Dark Brotherhood has accepted me into their syndicate and I find myself enjoying these assassinations. I never expected this to become part of my world, but I find little regret or remorse for my actions. As I stated before, I am curious by nature and the contracts feed my desire. The risks are addicting, and I kill with precision.

There are times I must assist the thieves in the area. This is another organization I aide when time allows. I find my assassin techniques come in handy during a job, but they do not like blood on their hands, so I hold back and kill only when I must.

So this is a little about me. You will get to know me better as I venture into the world. My days are always different and I never know what may arise. I welcome you into my journeys. My motto would be something along the lines as “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” So off we go to explore Tamriel!