Stone Eagle Aerie

On of the nice things The Elder Scrolls Online offers is player housing. They have staple homes, classic homes and notable homes. You purchase these homes with crowns, which is the games store currency.

Well I finally broke down and purchased a notable home. Notable homes are the largest homes you can buy. They are like estates. Many rooms and have different special features in each house. You can buy any of these homes furnished or unfurnished. Obviously you will pay more for a furnished home, but it is so nice to have some of the furniture and decorations already available.

Markarth, which is in The Reach, was a DLC pack that came out in November, 2020. It is bordered next to Western Skyrim. I knew they were going to bring out a house in this area, but was unsure when exactly that would occur. For some reason I had a feeling about this house and thought it was going to be something really nice. I was right.

The house did not come out until March 4, 2021. As soon as it was out, I immediately went to preview the house. It is gorgeous! I am a sucker for waterfalls, and this home has many. It sits above the city of Markarth and has beautiful views of the snow capped mountains in the distance. It consists of a lot of dwarven stonework. This home also has a secret passage exit to the outlaws refuge in Markarth.

Below are some screenshots of the house.

Entrance with a waterfall coming down the wall
Once you enter the home this is the first large room you come too. There are stairs on both ends of this room. The gold door also leads to the outside.
Dining room area. Notice the waterfall on the left coming down the wall
This is that same waterfall
This is where the hidden exit is located. You walk through the waterfall and end up here. When you move the lever in the middle, you will enter the outlaws refuge.
South terrace with gorgeous waterfall
South terrace looking back on house
North terrace with another waterfall on the left.
North terrace looking back to house. Better view of mini waterfall on your right.
My toon, Tanassa, a Dark Elf Nighblade, standing on an overlook. You can see a better picture of the snow capped mountains behind her.
Looking down on the city of Markarth

This gives you an idea of what the home looks like. Most of the furniture you see came with the house. I did make a few changes here and there. The home is not offered at this time. I will assume maybe in the future they will bring it back on the market.