Flames of ambition & Update 29

Information: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/59671

Flames of Ambition is a new dungeon DLC pack. It contains the dungeons Black Drake Villa and the Cauldron. This pack needs to be purchased with either crowns (store currency) or if you are an ESO: Plus subscriber you will get it for free while you maintain the subscription.

Update 29 has new features and improvements for the game. The main feature is their new system for champion points. Here is a good website that explains it pretty well: https://eso-hub.com/en/guides/champion-points-v2-explained/champion-points-beginner-guide This helped me understand more about the system. There are a lot of guides out there now, so if this one does not help I am sure you can find a video that will explain it further.