Southern Elsweyr

Southern Elsweyr

One day I decided to ride around Southern Elsweyr to capture some of the beauty in the zone. Elsweyr was The Elder Scrolls Online last years expansion. Elsweyr is the home of the Khajiit. A beast race (feline) that the game offers as a playable character.

The character creation for this race is really good! I made one recently and love her 🙂 So enjoy the screenshots. I will travel to Northern Elsweyr later this week and post some shots from that area as well.

Shrine to Khenarthi
She is the goddess of the winds and sky
Statue outside the entrance to the city of Senchal
Senchal Palace
Field with beautiful color flowers and plants
Dragonguard Sanctum
(Sits in a cove)

These are just a few pictures. They really don’t do the area justice. There are some beautiful waterfalls and the area is full of vibrant colors. If I run across some that come out nicely in a screenshot, I will be sure to update this page.

Here are some of the wildlife I ran into while roaming the area…..

Dire Wolves
Mountain Bristleback