Bearclaw Mine

Follower of Vaermina

Bearclaw Mine is located in the far east of Stormhaven. Followers of Vaermina, a Daedric Prince, and bandits have taken an interest in this mine.

Map of Bearclaw Mine
Ha! This bandit is not a match for my two-handed axe! Up in the air he goes and dies quickly after landing.

As I journeyed into the mine, I came across the body of man. He was clutching a journal with a piece of paper hanging out. He had a hastily, scribbled letter addressed to Mashana.

Loose letter from Hubert

As I was placing the journal and letter in my pack, a ghost appeared. It was Hubert, the dead miner.

I knew I would need to get this journal to Mashana. As I was headed out, I noticed the leader of the bandit gang standing in the distance. I knew what I must do…….

Octavia, Leader of the bandit gang

Once Octavia was dealt with, I left Bearclaw Mine and proceeded to the town of Wind Keep. I located Mashana and gave her the journal and letter. Hubert was her cousin and she had been worried since she did not hear back from him. I told her I was sorry for her loss and continued on my journey in Tamriel.


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