Fungal Grotto 1

I met up with some of my comrades in Stonefalls and decided to go explore a cavern given the name Fungal Grotto. This place is supposed to be filled with Goblins and Dreugh. They say the goblins are afraid of something deep within this cave.

We were attacked by the goblins
We met Tazkad the Packmaster, a goblin Boss.
More Goblins
We then met the Chief of the Goblins
War Chief Ozozai

Once the war chief was killed, the goblins accepted us and continued on the journey by our side for a distance.

We then came across some Dreugh
One was a boss, Broodbirther
We thought after our last fight we would be safe…..But that did not happen!
We came upon Clatterclaw, a beast of a crab!
We met him head on and he spawned mudcrabs to help him in the fight
Then we came to our last main boss, Kra’gh th Dreugh King

We finally came to the end of the cave and made our way back to town. We all survived without anyone receiving injuries. That’s always a good day when we return unscathed.


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