Lost City of the Na-Totambu

Map of the city

The Redguard founded the city to reproduce the culture of Yokuda. They named it after the lost Yokuda capital. But the city got buried in a great sandstorm and eventually was abandoned. There were many bosses in this city and lots of mobs to contend with.

Vath’ira was the first boss we met right when we entered the city

We then met a man by the name of Paladeen. He had been kidnapped by some Khajiits. They wanted him to translate some of the artifacts they found in the city. He said he felt there was something more here.

He said the eyes of the Yokuda were in the city. They consisted of 3 gemstones. Together they would open the door to the Yokudan archives. The archives hold the Cartulary of the Tamed Dunes.

So this became our focus during our travel through the city. Morvinia and I started on our journey.

Arbhu-ra Boss
Scorpion Guardian Boss
Scarab Guardian Boss
The Silent Sword Boss
Gritstone the Patriarch Boss
Clacker Boss
Ghost of Yokudan King
Yokudan Corsair-King Boss

After the trial was completed, we received the Cartulary. We gave it to Paldeen.

Once our day was over we found the nearest pub to drink some much needed beer. What a day of adventuring!


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