Del’s Claim

While I was passing through Auridon I heard gossip that some cult had taken over a mine and killed the miners inside. I decided to investigate this for myself.

There indeed was an invasion, dead miners everywhere! These individuals who took over the mine were from The Veiled Inheritance. Well I decided I would not leave until their leader, Polinus, was dead!

Of course I met trouble along my journey in the mine.

Finally I found Polinus and things did not end up well for him!

Once I was done with him, I ventured into different tunnels and found an area where there were many dead miners. Near a young man named Vareldur was a bloody journal. He had written to his mother during his last moments. I knew I had to get this journal to her.

Of course I did not get out of the mine without a fight!

As I left the mine, I traveled to the town of Mathiisen to contact Vareldur’s mother.

It’s never easy to be the bearer of bad news. I gave her the journal and my condolences.

~ Survonna

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