Bearclaw Mine

Follower of Vaermina

Bearclaw Mine is located in the far east of Stormhaven. Followers of Vaermina, a Daedric Prince, and bandits have taken an interest in this mine.

Map of Bearclaw Mine
Ha! This bandit is not a match for my two-handed axe! Up in the air he goes and dies quickly after landing.

As I journeyed into the mine, I came across the body of man. He was clutching a journal with a piece of paper hanging out. He had a hastily, scribbled letter addressed to Mashana.

Loose letter from Hubert

As I was placing the journal and letter in my pack, a ghost appeared. It was Hubert, the dead miner.

I knew I would need to get this journal to Mashana. As I was headed out, I noticed the leader of the bandit gang standing in the distance. I knew what I must do…….

Octavia, Leader of the bandit gang

Once Octavia was dealt with, I left Bearclaw Mine and proceeded to the town of Wind Keep. I located Mashana and gave her the journal and letter. Hubert was her cousin and she had been worried since she did not hear back from him. I told her I was sorry for her loss and continued on my journey in Tamriel.


Fungal Grotto 1

I met up with some of my comrades in Stonefalls and decided to go explore a cavern given the name Fungal Grotto. This place is supposed to be filled with Goblins and Dreugh. They say the goblins are afraid of something deep within this cave.

We were attacked by the goblins
We met Tazkad the Packmaster, a goblin Boss.
More Goblins
We then met the Chief of the Goblins
War Chief Ozozai

Once the war chief was killed, the goblins accepted us and continued on the journey by our side for a distance.

We then came across some Dreugh
One was a boss, Broodbirther
We thought after our last fight we would be safe…..But that did not happen!
We came upon Clatterclaw, a beast of a crab!
We met him head on and he spawned mudcrabs to help him in the fight
Then we came to our last main boss, Kra’gh th Dreugh King

We finally came to the end of the cave and made our way back to town. We all survived without anyone receiving injuries. That’s always a good day when we return unscathed.


Mother Sands

While out on my travels around Alik’r Desert, I came upon a traveler in battle against a world boss creature. I jumped in the fight, and with the traveler’s assistance, we killed the creature so others would not be killed.

Mother Sands

Lost City of the Na-Totambu

Map of the city

The Redguard founded the city to reproduce the culture of Yokuda. They named it after the lost Yokuda capital. But the city got buried in a great sandstorm and eventually was abandoned. There were many bosses in this city and lots of mobs to contend with.

Vath’ira was the first boss we met right when we entered the city

We then met a man by the name of Paladeen. He had been kidnapped by some Khajiits. They wanted him to translate some of the artifacts they found in the city. He said he felt there was something more here.

He said the eyes of the Yokuda were in the city. They consisted of 3 gemstones. Together they would open the door to the Yokudan archives. The archives hold the Cartulary of the Tamed Dunes.

So this became our focus during our travel through the city. Morvinia and I started on our journey.

Arbhu-ra Boss
Scorpion Guardian Boss
Scarab Guardian Boss
The Silent Sword Boss
Gritstone the Patriarch Boss
Clacker Boss
Ghost of Yokudan King
Yokudan Corsair-King Boss

After the trial was completed, we received the Cartulary. We gave it to Paldeen.

Once our day was over we found the nearest pub to drink some much needed beer. What a day of adventuring!


Coldrock Diggings

I decided to go to Alik’r Desert and explore some dungeons I had read about. I hooked up with my friend, Morvinia, and started our journey.

We came upon Coldrock Diggings, which we read was inhabited by Bloodfiends. Coldrock Diggings use to be a mine which was used to mine grit-rock which was used in sanding wood planks and holystone. Light pumice was used for cleaning the decks on ships. The mine had been abandoned for some time since the bloodfiends took over.

And the battles begin

We finally met up with the boss, Feremuzh of this group and decided to end her time in this mine!

Once we had the mine cleared out, we left to head to our next adventure

~ Survonna

Del’s Claim

While I was passing through Auridon I heard gossip that some cult had taken over a mine and killed the miners inside. I decided to investigate this for myself.

There indeed was an invasion, dead miners everywhere! These individuals who took over the mine were from The Veiled Inheritance. Well I decided I would not leave until their leader, Polinus, was dead!

Of course I met trouble along my journey in the mine.

Finally I found Polinus and things did not end up well for him!

Once I was done with him, I ventured into different tunnels and found an area where there were many dead miners. Near a young man named Vareldur was a bloody journal. He had written to his mother during his last moments. I knew I had to get this journal to her.

Of course I did not get out of the mine without a fight!

As I left the mine, I traveled to the town of Mathiisen to contact Vareldur’s mother.

It’s never easy to be the bearer of bad news. I gave her the journal and my condolences.

~ Survonna